More than just garden supplies

Sure, we sell you the stuff you need to make your plants grow—but really our goal is empowering you to spend more time outdoors, learning to love growing things as much as we do. 


Sharing our Passion

Spectrum Gardening was born out of our family’s desire to share our extensive knowledge about growing while providing affordable products that will last a lifetime for you and your family in the garden.


Products you can trust

We firmly believe in not only offering the best possible value but also standing behind our products and offer an extensive warranty so the only thing you have to worry about is what kind of plants you’d like to grow and how you’ll be able to eat all the delicious veggies!




Autism and neurodiversity awareness

What makes us so unique is our neurodiversity. Because we process information differently we are incredibly candid and brutally honest with our advice and believe if you can make your dreams happen cheaper or easier yourselves, we’ll actually talk ourselves out of a sale, to make sure that you aren’t spending money where it isn’t necessary.

One of our company core values is to raise awareness about neurodiversity. There is still so much misunderstanding surrounding autism and neurodiversity. If we are able to help broaden even just one person’s knowledge and acceptance while sharing our obsession about plants we’ll consider it a success!