School Gardens

Kids are curious about where their food comes from.

We firmly believe that education starts from the ground up and that every child should get the opportunity to learn how to grow healthy food. You’d be surprised how often exposure  to gardening can blossom into a lifetime of passionately growing. 


We are happy to provide a 10% discount on all our standard and custom size beds. Need help coming up with a design? We can also help with that!


A couple things to keep in mind when planning a garden are:

  • Sunlight: Most veggies and berries need a minimum of 6 hours to be super productive.
  • Water: Make sure your water source is close by. Preferable right next to the garden
  • Access: Ensure that the bed is easily visible from the both classroom and playground make sure that there is either enough room (or enough garden beds) for all the kids to gather around and be engaged.


    We provide a crop planting guide to help maximize your space and to fun varieties for kids!

    Bee gathering pollen from aster

    Birds and bees love sunflowers

    Buckwheat being used as a cover crop

    Garden harvest